• Trace Johannesen

Final Sundays with Trace 8/16

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5dsMWUZve8

In the final Sundays with Trace video from August 16, Trace talks about what's next and what he learned. He also answered several burning questions, which are listed below.

Gratitude 1:10 

What did I learn 4:48

Rockwall redistricting 6:13

Best motorcycle for Big Bend backcountry 7:29 

Career politicians question 8:00

What I learned 12:22

On term limits 14:11

Top three Pantera albums 16:29

Favorite 311 song 18:11

Favorite Ozzy song 18:58

What’s next for Trace? 19:57 

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