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Knucklehead Podcast Interviews Trace

When it comes to true service without intent, how much are you willing to give in order to serve? What are the reasons behind taking these actions and what thought process you need to develop in achieving your purpose?

Our guest in today’s episode of the Knucklehead Podcast shares it all.

Trace Johannesen is a US Marine Veteran. His life has been about leading others to work together to accomplish goals, relationship-building, and creative problem-solving.

Serving for City Council, Trace decided to take another step in his life to continue his service. This time, service without intent to the District.

Favorite Quote: 'I know that our district deserves this kind of leadership. If no one's leading, there's a firefight, I'm going to step up and run to the fire. Like my duty demands it. And my training as a Marine commands that I go towards the fight.'

-Trace Johannesen”

You can listen and share the podcast using any of the following links, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Google Podcasts.

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