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Mark Kipphut Endorsement

"Most of the candidates for the 4th Congressionally District came to speak to the Rockwall Republican Men’s Breakfast Club today and it was good to hear and speak with each of them ... for a decade we have called Rockwall home after a full career in the Air Force with a temporary stop with Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona it is where we will be live out the rest of our lives. Over the years I have heard an endless number of politicians and after so many miles it is refreshing to hear from one candidate who talks less about themselves and their resume and more about the struggles facing our nation and it’s future. Trace Johannesen is that candidate. He cares about you and your family.

We endorse Trace in his bid for the 4th District Congressional Seat - he has energy, vision, dedication and commitment and would represent us well in Congress. We are at a tipping point across America. We need leadership in Washington DC that works for us to ensures peace and security for our children and our grandchildren. Trace is a man with proven experience in difficult times who can lead our nation forward.

Lorna and I proudly stand with him and Amy and fully enforce his candidacy to be our Congressman from the 4th Congressional District of Texas.

Trace Johannesen for the 4th District!"

Mark Kipphut is a Rockwall County resident, retired US Air Force Colonel, and businessman.

All images © Mark Kipphut, 2020

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