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8/1 CD4 Candidate Forum

On Saturday, August 1, Titus County hosted a well-run candidate forum for all Congressional District 4 candidates. You can find the whole link here. For reference, I've noted and linked directly to my specific questions and answers below.

Two-minute intro 2:50

When and where have you shown political courage? 11:55

What are your thoughts on ACA and what should Congress to about healthcare in general? 16:35

As a freshman congressman, how do you plan to make an impact for the people of CD4? 18:20

Name a department in the federal government that’s unconstitutional: 24:25

What policies do you support regarding immigration in the US? 31:09

Trace talks about healthcare reform, and the lack of limiting principles in the progressive left. 34:40

Trace closes with quotes from Ronald Reagan and Will Rogers in this 30-second clip: 41:10



I'm running for Congressional District 4 of Texas and would love to hear from you. You can reach me below. 

Email: info@tracejohannesen.com

Phone: 972-372-4260

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