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About Trace

I’m not a politician, but a government servant. I actually live in Congressional District 4 where I’ve been fortunate enough to serve on Rockwall City Council, the American Legion and many other Rockwall area volunteer organizations.


Real leaders lead from the front, with confidence and trust. They don’t ask for people to follow them. Real leaders step up in the face of adversity.


Real leaders lead with a servant’s heart and not because they believe they’re entitled or want the position.


Real leaders make decisive and hard decisions with limited information and do not simply wait around to be told or to see what happens.


We have enjoyed a wonderful growth in the past few years and we’ve recently seen that threatened as an unseen enemy forces many of our friends and families out of work. The very government tasked with protecting our rights overreached based on fear and now the economy, small businesses and our friends are out of work and hurting.


Real leaders emerge in challenging times such as these. Just as I did in September 2001 when I left my job and enlisted in the Marine Corps - and in 2007 when I was called back to active duty; and in 2018 when asked to run for City Council; and this year when I went to work with the county COVID task force - I am again setting aside my personal life and comfort to represent District 4. This is yet another step in my life of continued service.


​Our district deserves a real leader to continue the legacy set forth by Congressman Ratcliffe, of the people, and I’m honored to formally announce my campaign. Not because I’m seeking a title or because I think I deserve it. But because our great district deserves representation “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Real leaders make decisive and hard decisions with limited information and do not simply wait around to be told or to see what happens.

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Why are you running?

In September 2001, cowardly terrorists attacked our beloved country. That week, I walked into my boss' office and told him I was resigning as I had enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry. I knew in my soul that if I sat idly by while others took up the fight, I wasn't being true to myself and could never look at myself in the mirror again. I felt the same sense of duty in 2007 when I was recalled back to active duty. I felt compelled to serve then, and I continue to do so today.


Many folks asked me in 2018 during my first campaign for City Council why I suddenly decided to "get into politics." I want to be clear here: I am not interested in politicking, and there is nothing "sudden" about it. I proudly work hard in various organizations in our wonderful town. I don't join any organizations to check boxes or to glad-hand. I don't show up only when it's election season or when it's the fun activity. If that's what you're seeking, please don't vote for me.


However, if you're looking for dedication and hard work with uncompromising values of integrity and honesty, then I'm your man. If you're looking for the one who shows up to everything possible, every time, that's me. If you want a candidate with convictions who serves in organizations because of their mission vs. whom I get to meet, vote for me. If you're interested in someone who's going to do what he says, even when the right thing to do is the hard thing or unpopular, I'm your candidate.


Why am I running? It's simply another step in a life of continued service, and our district deserves it.

Why I'm Running

Who are you?

I am a proud Texan, Texas Aggie, US Marine veteran, and I am honored to have begun my second term on Rockwall City Council in 2020. My wife Amy and I live in Rockwall, TX with five kids and one large Great Dane. Amy sold her local business after nearly 17 years and is enjoying being a mom. I get to work for the best firm in the world, Slalom. We are a purpose-driven business strategy and technology consulting firm who exists to help people (ours and our clients') reach for and realize their vision so they can love their work and their life.​

Who I am
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What qualifies you to serve?

My life has been about leading others to work together to accomplish goals and solve problems from ROTC at Texas A&M to the Marine Corps. My entire career in business consulting is based on listening to client needs and desired outcomes, then building and maintaining relationships to achieve those visions. My time on City Council requires me to listen to all of my constituents and make hard decisions aligned with our citizens' long-term vision for the city. It requires negotiating hidden agendas and aligning varying groups with different goals to work together to affect a common outcome. Serving my district requires my professional expertise in listening, relationship-building and creative problem-solving.

Why should I believe you?

You shouldn't. You should watch what I do. Actions never lie and the best indicator of future performance is past performance. Ask around. Do your research. You'll see that I'm the choice for District 4.


My name is Trace Johannesen, and I would be humbled to have your vote and honored to continue service to Texas as our representative in Congressional District 4.


Why Choose Trace

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Limited government

action based leadership

traditional values

Why Trace

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